Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Can't believe I am going to DL in less than a day...

and I am totally not prepared AT ALL. I have so much stuff to do it's ridiculous. I have to finish up my projects for the book before I go, write my BIO for the new DT and complete at least 2 more projects for this months kit AND work tonight. I know, I'm cookoo for cocoa puffs. Then at some point, I have to pack. sigh...

I really think that my dog is getting sick, and noone believes me. He is really lathargic, and I swear he is having little siezures, but my mom responds "he seems fine to me". Short of calling the vet myself, I don't know what to do!

I finished up this layout last night, another one about my trip to Alaska and Canada. I really want to do a whole album, but I can't get inspired. Every once in awhile one of the photos will inspire me, like this one. I LOVE the new scrapworks Ethan Kate line, and the Christina Cole stikers....yeah, I know.....stickers....are awesome. Anywho, better get going! TTYL


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