Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Sigh...so, this is my first entry into my second attempt at some sort of blog. I hope to talk mostly about scrappin and such, but I have a feeling some other aspects of my life will seep in.

I work at 3 public libraries right now, and at one we had a tragedy this past weekend. A nineteen year old page was in a horrific car accident. Her and 3 other people were in a car that plunged down a 300 foot revine (sp?). She and the driver survived, but two others didn't...one of them was her brother. She has serious head injuries and unfortunately has no idea that her brother has passed. The two young men were not wearing their seatbelts. After I heard this I began thinking how I always put on my seatbelt without even thinking about it, I just get in my car and put it on. I wonder why they didn't do it that night...sigh...

I am leaving for Disneyland in a few days, going to see the 50th anniversary and stuff. The MOST exciting this is that I get to see some friends that I met at CKU-M anaheim, and I get to take a Teresa Collins class at Scrapbook Oasis. That is going to be fun. TTYL!

P.S. I LOVE this picture of Lawrence and I!


Blogger Court said...

I love this picture too :)
Have fun at Disneyland. Love your second attempt at blogging!

8:31 PM


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