Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Wowza...is this thing still on?

So, I swear...I am going to keep up with this...just so Court can change the description of my blog..on her blog :)

I finally finished all of my job interviews, although it seems I am going to have to wait FOREVER to find out what is going on with them. My nerves are completely shot, and I think that may be why I had a total panic attack at work yesterday. There are some coworkers that really got under my skin and I think that, combined with this kinda mean patron, and all the interview stress just took it's toll.

(sidebar)...if you are going to work with the public (library in this case), you have to care about people...and you HAVE to have some sort of compassion. I don't mean that you have to always go out of your way for people, but if you don't genuinely want to help...then don't work with people. I only say this because it's obvious to people and coworkers when you don't care about patrons....(sidebar)

Sorry about that, just had to type it!

As for scrapping, I have been able to punch out a few decent layouts lately. I am going to put up my 2 favorites here. I was able to get some awesome shots of my goddaughter and her best budy Jake...they are so cute together. I notice that when I get some really great photos, my creativity goes way up. I haven't really gotten any calls for layouts lately, but I think that is because I am totally lagging on the submitting...just getting lazy. I have one of my fav layouts coming out in the November issue of Scrapbook Answers...keep an eye out for it.

I sent my Drebel in...and they got it and are fixing it...I hope to get it soon, I really miss it.



Blogger Celia said...

Just wanted to say HI! I'm a Mosh Posh subscriber and LOVE your work!!! :D

3:33 PM

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3:32 PM

Blogger Court said...

I'll believe when I see it LOL
LOVE that layout! You are so rad!


10:03 AM

Blogger islandgirl said...

the hearts in the circles are so dang cute!!! I just stumbled upon your blog from 2peas, and had to comment!

9:06 AM

Blogger Rachael Giallongo said...

Your LO is wonderul...
dont you have some news to post to your blog????????????

5:51 AM


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