Friday, December 16, 2005

Another month, another entry :)

Okay, really...why do I even have a blog when I only blog once a month? I don't know! I am determined to keep this up really....I mean, no one is reading this right?? What's so sad is that the only reason I am updating this is because it's part of an excercise I am doing during a training session!

Anywho, as far as scrapbooking, I have a VERY exciting thing coming up and I can't wait to spill the beans...but until I get the okay, I have to keep it under wraps. I also have my eye set on a few contests. I tried out for the Polar Bear Press DT, I really enjoyed working with their papers...but I haven't had any good luck when it comes to manufacture DT's. I also sent in an entry for the scrapbook answers DT, but I think the competition will be very stiff. A girl can dream, right?

I am really diggin' my style lately, lots of stitching. I finally feel comfortable using the zig zag stich and I just can't stop! Now all I have to do is learn how to change threads and such so that I dont' have to scream "mommy!" when I need to change colors! I am going to a LSS today, they are having an awesome sale. 25% off your entire purchase AND your frequent buyer discount. Tonight is the preview sales for all us high rollers (1500 or more spent, yikes!). I am hoping not to spend too much, seeing as I don't really need much of anything! Thanks for readin' :)


Blogger marygrace said...

Finally! An entry. :)

2:36 PM

Blogger beth said...

i LOVE your style! it's very distinct in the gallery @ 2 peas! always look forward to seeing your work! congrats on the *exciting* news...also on the engagement! what an amazing time for you! good luck! :)

beth e

5:51 AM

Blogger beth said...

oh yeah, i meant to ask you what kind of sewing machine you use??

5:52 AM

Blogger Court said...

geeesh I dont' know which is worse. You bloggin once a month or me reading it once a month! Hugs to you and CONTINUED success in 2006.

1:26 PM


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