Thursday, June 29, 2006

So I'm on my own....

and it's kinda wierd. I mean, I like being on my own...not having to answer to anyone, being able to be a tad bit messy without feeling bad, but I have to admit...I am a little lonely sometimes. I don't see Lawrence as much as I would like, we both have the worst schedules. Working at the library, I have to work 2 nights a week and he works at least 2 24 hour shifts a week's just hard. I miss him tons.

On to happier things, there are SOOO many people getting married in the next few months, unfortunately I am not one of them. I can't wait until we can set a date and get this thing rolling! My step-sister (who I consider my sister) is getting married September 9th, my coworker...who totally rocks by the getting married September 30th, and favorite scrappin getting married in December. Wowza, I better get to shopping. Weddings are so much fun.

Let's see, on the scrapping front...not too much going on. I am waiting patiently for the August/September issue of Scrapbook Answers because I have a few things in there, especially an awesome canvas project. I love it when I can use canvas concepts on a project...I also have a layout and a makeover in that when you see it, think of me! I am getting all squared away with CHA...finally have our flight and hotels booked. The best part of CHA is meeting people. I love to see people IRL that I have only met online, especially scrappers. It's so great to put a name to the face. CKU was in San Jose this past week and at first I was really bummed that I didn't sign up, but I was still able to go for a bit when I got to help Allison and Hambly at their make n take table. It was really fun...did you know the ink in their paper has vanilla in it? If you were at the make n take table you do, LOL! I told everyone that because I think it is such a cool little tidbit of info. Well, it's almost 11pm and I haven't eaten dinner...I should really get started on that :)

Here are some layouts I did recently...some of them use Hambly, really fab stuff. Thanks so much to the few that read, I really should update more often.

Much Love,


Blogger erika said...

miss you. thinking of you.
No baby yet. Steph and Jen are ditching me to go to Creative Escape. like I said miss you :)

4:34 PM


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